The MH-E Manual

MH-E has changed much since the old MH-E manual was written for version 5.0.2 in a format for the MH book.

The second major update of the manual was streamlined and reorganized to reflect the organization of other Emacs manuals. It was also updated with all of the changes and new features introduced through MH-E version 8.0. It grew from 90 pages to 136 pages.

This manual is available in the following formats:

If you download the MH-E documentation and build the Info files, then you can view the manual in Emacs by adding /path/to/mh-e-doc/info to the INFOPATH environment variable and running "C-h i g (mh-e) RET".

You can also obtain additional help within Emacs:

Also, read the MH-E-NEWS file to see what has changed since you last used MH-E. Actually, if you aren't too impatient, read this first!

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